Events of the American Revolution

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    Marquis d Lafayette

    Military leader from france that aided the continental army. He was able to ask and persuade France for reenforuments and led in the last years of the war in the state o Virginia.He along with other foreign leaders introduced european tactics.
  • Period: to


    The second colonial continental congress meeting occurred in philadelphia, there delegates debated whether or not they should declare independence or reconciliation. Washington was appointed General there. But the city of philadelphia was at the time the capital of America and taken over after the surprise attack in Trenton by British soldiers.
  • Battle of Lexington

    Battle of Lexington
    As the British were on their way to seize weapons from the colonists, they encountered a group of 70 minute men lined up and th first battle of the revolution. As the Colonists were moving out someone fired anda shootout occured that left 8 minute dead, 10 injured. While the British only suffered on injury, all within 15 minutes.
  • Concord

    After the British soldiers arrived at Concord and found what appeared to be a empty arsenal, they began to line up and march to Boston. However They encountered yet another group of minute men, but this time they were about 3-4000 one them.The British were fired at and many died/were injured. The rest hurried to Boston.
  • The battle at Bunker Hill

    The battle at Bunker Hill
    Also known as the deadliest battle of the war started when the British General, Thomas Gage sent 2,400 soldiers up Breeds hill to attack/strike the minutemen. The colonist fought back and striked down as much British soldiers as they could before they decided to retreat.Despite retreating the colonists had lost significantly less men, only losing 450, while the British lost 1,000 men.
  • New York

    New York
    The british invaded New York, when they sailed to the New York harbor with around 32,000 soldiers, both theirs and Hessians. The colonists tried to fight back but they were in a far to weak position and had to retreat.
  • Trenton

    Washington led 2,400 soldiers across the delaware river in mist of a snow storm in order to surprise attack the Hessians soldiers at TRenton , New jersey, They soon defeated the Hessians and forced the British to regroup.
  • Saratoga

    General John Burgoyne had planned to meet up with British troops at Albany but encountered colonial troops and minute men. He was forced to surrender as the british troops were in Philadelphia holding it up. So he surrendered in Saratoga, and gave hope the Americans could win this war.
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
    During the winter, The continental army were extremely low on supplies, clothing, and food.Although 2,000 soldiers died, something great happened in Valley Forge.Friedrich Von Steuben and other foreign leaders gave aid and help train the soldiers to be more equipped.
  • York Town

    York Town
    British Cornwallis lead his troops to Yorktown is hooes taking over virginia and moving north. However his attempts were spoiled when the colonist heard of his plan and moved to York town where the american/French truth surrounded the British. The british were forced to surrender and be defeated as their other flits/troops were also taken out by the french.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The founding fathers or delegates of the nation all came together and signed a treaty of peace with France,called the Treaty of Paris. Which declared the U.S/America independent and free.As well as established the length and width of the nation, and its borders.