Events of Samuel Sewall's life

By BiT
  • Meeting at the Meeting-House.

    Arrived at Salem, to go to the meeting house. Wanted to watch the examinations of the accused "Witches".
  • The Execution of 5

    Today George Burroughs, John Willard, John Proctor, Martha Carrier, and George Jacobs were executed. Mr. Mather said they all died by a righteous sentence.
  • The execution of Giles Cory

    It was gruesome to watch him get crushed in the mute. The screams stopped and the sound of bones crushing began....It was truly terrifying.
  • Prayer

    A prayer is sent to god, it said i hope that god pardons all of those wrongfully called a witch. It is follow4ed by fasting and more praying.
  • The Recital

    Same recites Mathew 12 from the 6th to the end of the 12 verse in latin. The 7th reminds us all of the Salem Tragedy.