events leading up to WWII

By hann71
  • Treaty of versailles

    Treaty of versailles
    The terms of the versailles treaty that the allies imposed on Germany at the end of the first world war where very harsh. The allies had hoped to make renewed agression from Germany impossible. Instead, it gave the German people grievances to which German dictator Adlof Hitler would appeal.
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  • the Manchurian Crisis

    the Manchurian Crisis
    In September 1931, Japan invaded the Chinese provience of Manchuria. China appealled to the league for help. the League asked Japan to withdraw from Manchuria but Japan ignored the request. When Japan ignored the requests the League realized they had no real control.
  • Invasion of Abyssinia

    Invasion of Abyssinia
    This crisis began with a border clash between Abyssinian troops and Italian forces. The Italian dictactor, Mussolini, noted the Leagues unwillingness to act in Machuria and, while pretending to discuss Abyssinia, he built up forces, In October 1935, Mussolini attacked Abyssinia which made the League boycott trade with Italy but it did not include vital supplies
  • Failure of the League

    Failure of the League
    By May of 1936, Abyssina was annesed to Italy> Germany who left the League in 1933 after Hitler came to power, was the firsr counttry to recognize the Italian conquest. The League had failed again. the former emporer of Abyssinia addressed the League saying, "God and history will remember your judgement".
  • Formation of the Axis Powers

    Formation of the Axis Powers
    Japan and Germany signed an Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany in 1936. They agreed to co-operate against any threat from the comintern(soviet union)
  • The Spanish Civil War

    The Spanish Civil War
    In 1936, the Spanish monarchy fell creating two forces in Spain the left-wing and right-wing. The major powers agreed to a policy of non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War. Germany and Italy, however, suppeoted the right wig forces, enabing Germany to test their weaopns and to test how willing the Great Powers were to enforce the Treaty of Versaillies. the Civil war lasted three years, the right having victory, and Hitler being well aware of Britian and France's unwillingness to take a stand.
  • Formation of the Axis Powers

    Italy joined the pact, creating a Rome-Berlin-Tokyo axis. Germany, Italy, Japan and its allies were to be known as the axis powers in WWII
  • Austria Falls

    After facing no responce from the League when taking the Saar valley or Rhineland, Hitler ordered troops into Austria in 1938 and successfully annexed Ausrria to Germany
  • Hitler and Czechoslovakia

    In 1938, Chamberlain, supporting appeasement, agreed to the german occupation of Sudentenland if Hitler agreed to leave the rest of Czechslovakia free. By March 1939, Germany invaded the remained of Czechslovakia.
  • Blitzkrieg

    Hitler sent troops into Poland in an attack called a Blitzreieg< an all-ouy stye of warfare that depended on a speedy surprise attack.
  • This means war

    Great Britian and France were left with no other choice bu to declare war on Germany.