Events Leading Up to WW2

  • Hitler is appointed Chancelor of Germany

    Hitler appointed Chancelor of Germany by dying president
  • President of Germany Dies

    President Paul Von Hindenburg dies and Hitler is in charge and becomes the first Dictator of Germany.
  • U.S Neutrality Act

    The U.S make the Neutrality Act saying that they wont choose sides and they will stay neutral in the war.
  • Germany Invades Rhine land

    Hitler invade Rhineland which goes against the treaty of Versailles.
  • Hitler Seizes Austria

  • Germany occupied Sudetenland

    Between October 1st and 10th Germany took over Sudetenland. Hitler asked permission to annex half of Czechoslovakia.
  • Hitler and Stalin Sign Pact

    Hitler and Stalin signed the non-aggression pact, stating that even though they didn't like each other that they would not attack each other.
  • Germany Invades Poland

    The invasion was over within weeks because the Poland army was defeated.