Events leading to the American revoulution

  • Treaty of Paris

    War between French and Britain end.Tensions build between colonies and Britain
  • proclomatin of 1763

    Colonist infuriated because they want to explore new lands and the British will not let them.
  • Pontiacs Rebellion

    Led to the proclamation of 1763
  • sugar Act

    Taxes on all sugar products.
  • stamp Act

    Enforces taxes on almost all printed materials
  • Quartering Act

    colonist to house any british troops
  • Sons of Liberty

    Leader of protest and tore down stamp tax collector building.
  • Declaratory Act

    repealed stamp act but asserted parliaments right to rule the colonies as it saw fit
  • Townshend Act

    Tax to be collected on all imported goods
  • Boston Massacre

    Colonist hurled rocks and snowballs at troops and startled them and they fired killing some colonist and the colonist used this as propaganda
  • Tea Act

    Act was not to input new taxes but was asserted so the East India tading Company would not crash
  • Boston Tea Party

    Colonist dump shiploads of tea in to the river.
  • Intolerable Acts

    (Coercive acts) Forced colonist to pay back money for dumped tea, closed harbors, and forced them to house troops.
  • First Continental Congress

    Delegates from evry colony gather to discuss a boycott of all British products
  • Battle at Lexington and Concord

    Revolutionary war begins