Events Leading to the American Revolution

  • French & Indian War

    French & Indian War The French & Indian War and which was called the seven year war. The French and the English were fighting over land and trading rights in North America. Why this could have helped started the Revolution war is because England wanted the colonists to pay back the money they gave them.
  • The American Revenue Act

    ugaract The American Revenue Act started becaue the colonies producing a cheaper way of getting molasses with the French and it hurt the British West Indies market in molasses and sugar and the market. So the British put a tax on trading with other countries other than Britain. This made the colonies agree and they started smuggling it.
  • Stamp Act

    George Grenville made a Stamp Bill. This made the colonies made becaue now stamps had taxes.
  • John Dickinson

    He is a farmer that talked about town shend act. John was saying he'd rather die than not be free
  • The Boston Massacre

    people through snowballs at some British soldiers so they killed every one. this made the people think about what to do with the British.
  • Tea Act

    teaactBritain put a tax on tea and the colonists got so mad that they through all the tea in the harber.
  • Declaration and Resolves

    it was the intolerable act. it was how to restore harmony between Great Britain.
  • Virginia House house of Burgesses

    Patrick Henry thinks there is going to be a war.
  • Thomas Paine

    Thomas wanted to get away from British
  • Declaration of Independence

    A document that the thirteen American colonies were free form Great Britain and was an independent country