Events in History!

  • Jamestown

    It's improtant because settlers from England came here and wanted to start/create their own colony and live by their ways of life. It basically marked the beginning of a new America.
  • Period: to


  • The House of Burgesses.

    The House of Burgesses.
  • The Salem Witch Trials.

    The Salem Witch Trials.
    This event was pretty bizarre. The town's people basically judged 3 women as witches and they were burned to death at the stakes. It was horriby, and will always be important. If something weird went on, you were proclaimed as a witch.
  • French and Indian War.

  • Proclamation of 1763

  • Stamp act.

    Stamp act.
    It was important because if it was passed, it would open up new taxes the people would not want. SO the people rebelled.
  • Townshend Act

    Townshend Act
  • Bloody Boston Massacre

    Bloody Boston Massacre
    Ah, the Boston Massacre. This is important because British Soldiers (Redcoats) just started shooting into a crowd of people who were just harassing them. They just shot at unarmed people, which is bad. AND, it was on my birthday over 200 years ago. But i somehow I find this funny, but not in a sick dark way.
  • Boston Tea Party!

    Boston Tea Party!
    This event shows how much the British wanted their freedom. They were willing to commit a crime to get their point across. Sounds pretty brave and awesome. I thought this event was pretty important.
  • George Washington is President.

    George Washington is President.
    George Washington might as well be our most important and well known man in America. And he was the first president.
  • Whisky Rebellion!

  • Bill or Rights

    Bill or Rights
  • Louisianna Purchase

    Louisianna Purchase
    The Louisiana Purchase basically doubled the size of the U,S, like dramatically! Which is probably why the U.S. got bigger is very important thanks to Thomas Jefferson!
  • The Eria Canal

    The Eria Canal
  • Trail of Tears

  • The Civil War!

    The Civil War!
  • Siege of Yorktown.

  • Lincoln was assassinated!

    Lincoln was assassinated!
    Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, which is always important since he was president. He was shot by John Wilkes Booth for some reason.
  • 13 Ammendment.

    13 Ammendment.
    This was important because it abolished slavery!
  • Invention of the Telephone.

    Invention of the Telephone.
    Created by Alexander Graham Bell. This is important because it opened things up for communication.