Events During "Number the Stars"

By simri
  • Denmark Surrenders

    Denmark Surrenders to Germany.
  • Italy Joins World War II

    Italy Joins World War II
    Italy enters the war.
  • Victory for the Allies

    US and British troops land on Sicily. By mid-August, the Allies control Sicily.
  • Beginning of the book

    Beginning of the book
    The book begins in World War II. When Annemarie is 10 years old.
  • Stopped By the Soliders

    Stopped By the Soliders
    Annemarie and her friend Ellen were stopped by German soliders, while they were running home. Denmark was full of German soldiers. Germany had invaded Denmark, and life had extremely changed for the citizens.
  • The Danes Destroy their Navy Ships

    The Danes Destroy their Navy Ships
    The Danish destroyed their ships to keep the Germans from taking over the ships, and using them for their own purposes.
  • Ellen moves in with the Johansens

    Ellen moves in with the Johansens, to pretend to be a part of the family. Germans were looking for Jews, and the Johansens were trying to protect, and save her.
  • Jews were warned by the rabbi

    Jews were warned by the rabbi
    Jews were warned that Germans were going to arrest them, and take them away. Annemarie's father says that they might come the night of the Jewish New Year, to look for Ellen and her family.
  • "Who is the Dark-Haired One?"

    When Ellen is with the Johansens, German soldiers force their way into the Johansens apartment. The Johansens and Ellen say that Ellen is Annemarie's sister, Lise. (Lise was Annemarie's real sister that died before the beginning of the book.)
  • The Johansens take Ellen to Uncle Henrik's House

    The Johansens take Ellen to Uncle Henrik's House
    Annemarie's mother takes Ellen, Annemarie, and Kirsti to her brothers house, to prepare for Ellen to go to Sweden on her brothers boat. However, the girls no nothing about it.
  • The Gathering at Uncle Henrik's House

    The Gathering at Uncle Henrik's House
    Many people gather at Uncle Henrik's House to mourn the death of Annemarie's Great Aunt Berte. However, they are really Jews, that are waiting to be taken to Uncle Henrik's boat, so they can escape safely to Sweden.
  • The Casket

    The Casket
    Inside the casket that was supposed to have Annemarie's Great Aunt in it, was clothing and blankets that Peter Neilsen, another character in the story, handed out to everyone. Annemarie's mother also provided food for the Jews.
  • Off to the Boat

    Peter and Annemarie's mother take the Jews, including the Ellen and her parents, to the boat, going down a dark path. Before they leave, Peter gives Mr. Rosen a package that is of great importance.
  • The Broken Ankle

    On the way back to the house, coming from the boat, Annemarie's mother breaks her ankle.
  • The Package Delivery

    Mr. Rosen dropped the package that Peter gave him, and Annemarie noticed it on the ground near the house. Since her mother broke her ankle, Annemarie went through the woods, to give it to her uncle. On the way, the Germans stopped her, and opened up the package. When they saw that it was a handkerchief they let her go on her way. However, this handkerchief had a special mixture inside that numbed the German dog's smell, so that they could not smell the Jews that were hidden in boats.
  • Germans at the boat

    German soldiers show up at Uncle Henrik's boat. The German dogs try to smell the scent of a human, but because of the handkercheif that Annemarie brought, the dogs could not smell the Jews underneath the deck. So, the soldiers left.
  • Peter Neisen is Dead

    Peter was caught by the Germans and was executed. Peter was part of the Danish Resistance, which was a group of Danes, that tried to stop the Germans. Peter was shot at the public square at Ryvangen, in Copenhagen.
  • The War has Ended

    The War has Ended
    Two years after the Rosens were delivered to Sweden, the war ended. Annemarie was now twelve. "Churchbells rang all over Copenhagen, early that May evening. The Danish flag was raised everywhere. People stood in the streets and wept as they sand the national anthem of Denmark." - Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, Page 128, Paragraph 2
  • Hitler Dies

    Hitler Dies
    Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Germany committed suicide.
  • Germany Surrenders

    Germany surrenders to the Western allies.