• Birth

    she was born on October 4,2006 in the hospital in Baza. She also had a twin sister.
  • Education

    She started the school the September 8, 2009. She studied in Benamaurel until high school, but she has started a bachillerato in Baza.
  • University degree

    University degree
    In 2029, she graduated from university in a teaching degree in Granada
  • Job

    She moved to Valencia and started working in a nursery school.
  • Wedding

    She got married in Granada in the company of her family with her boyfriend she met at the university
  • Pregnancy

    She had her first child and they decided to move to Granada to be with her family.
  • Luck

    She won the lottery and bought a big house.
  • Death

    She died of natural causes after living a happy life spending her money with her loved ones.