European/North African Theater

  • Hitler's election

    This is the month when Hitler rise to the ultimate power over Germany. His ideas of fascism would affect Germany.
  • Remilitarization of the Rhineland

    This shows that Germany is literally recovering its military power and trying to erase the humiliation they got.
  • Pact of Steel

    After Hitler has take German our of League of Nations, German and Italy has formed an alliance by Pact of Steel. Since German and Japan already made an alliance, the 'JIG' alliance of WWII finally appeared.
  • Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact

    German decides to have a promise of having non-aggression between German and the Soivet Union. Since they could mainly focus on attacking France and Britian, Gernany was more relieved. They didn't have to care about Soviet Union's attack.
  • German's Invasion of Poland

  • UK and France declares War

    This signifies the hostile relationship between German and UK with France. (Phoney War)
  • Warsaw surrenders to Nazis

    Warsaw finally has admitted their loss to German, Nazis. This signifies the German's strength. There is also a photo of German's victory parade following after this event
  • Nazi euthanasia program

    This is also known as Aktion T 4. It was Hitler's plan of painlessly killing all the people with physical problems.
  • Winter War

    Finland rejected Soviet Unions' request for alliance. Soviet Union and Finland were having a conflict. Moscow peace treaty eventually ended this war at March 13, 1940.
  • Nazi meets Mussollni

    This is significant since both were the powerful people during WW2. The Italy and German has proved their strong bond and alliance.
  • German fire bombing of London

    German has attacked London by bombing on the city.
  • Nazi orders Jewish to wear Yellow stars.

    This clearly shows Hitler's hatred towards Jewish. SInce Hitler was a strong fascist, he didn't like the Jewish since Jewish are totally opposite of it.