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Europe between 1933 and 1945

  • Hitler became Chancellor

    Hitler became Chancellor
    Aldo he didnt get the right mayority he can deal with other parties and became chancellor.
  • End German disarmament and create an army strengthfull

    End German disarmament and create an army strengthfull
    Hitler instructed the German general, von Fritsch, to end German disarmament and create an army of the greatest possible strength
  • Hitler won elections

    He won elections and took complete control
  • Enabling law

    Enabling law
    Democracy came to an end when the reichstag passed the "enabling law"
  • Tanks were being produced

  • Germany away for the League of Nations

    Germany away for the League of Nations
    Hitler showe his contempt for the Versailles settlement by withdrawing Germany from the League
  • Dismiss disarmament conference

    Dismiss disarmament conference
    Hitler dismiss the Disarmament Conference that had been meeting at Geneva from 1932
  • Aircraft and warships were being produced

    Aircraft and warships were being produced
  • Hitler introduced conscription

    Hitler introduced conscription
    Hitler introduced conscritption and began to increase massively the number of German soldiers
  • Italian attack on Abyssinia

    Italian attack on Abyssinia
    THe Italian attack on Abyssinia began.
  • Ocupation of the Rhineland

    Ocupation of the Rhineland
    Hitler ordered GErman troops to march into the Rhineland. Hitler ordered to withdraw if French troops attack, this was a very risky movement, perhaps if French attacked, war could have been different.
  • Italy won the the Italian-Abyssinian war

  • Sanctions against Italy were ended

    all the sanctions aganist Italy were ended.
  • Schuchnigg visited Hitler

    Schuchnigg was badly treated at this meeting. Hitler shouted at him for 2 hours. He said that Germans must join the Austrian government and be given the control of the law and order.
  • Schuschnigg announced there will be a plebiscite

    Schuschnigg announced there will be a plebiscite
    Schuschnigg made one last desperate attempt to keep Austria independent. The lowest age of voting was 24, so young nazis cant vote. Hitler invaded before the plebiscite.
  • The german army invaded Austria

    The german army invaded Austria
    In Vienna 76000 people were arrested in aftermath of the invasion.
  • Hitler crossed into Austria

    Hitler crossed into Austria
    He went to his own home town of Linz where he was greeted by cheering crowds.
  • Hitler met Henlein

    Hitler met Henlein
    There were 3 million German speakers in Czechoslovakia and the local nazi leader, Konrad Henlein, claimed that the sudeten Germans were not treated fairly. Hitler met Henlein and told him to keep making demands, hoping to make a crisis.
  • Hitler let his generals know that he will smash Czechoslovakia

  • Treatment of the Sudetenlands

    Treatment of the Sudetenlands
    Chamberlain met Hitler at Berchtegaden. Hitler complained to him about the treatment of the Sudeten Germans. Chamberlain agreed that the Sudentenland have to be anexed to Germany.
  • South Africa neutrality

    THe South African parliament voted in favour of neutrality if war broke out between Germany and Britain.
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    Britain and France agreed to give Hitler the Sudetenland
  • HItler invade Chzeckolsovakia

    HItler invade Chzeckolsovakia
    German troops marched unnposed into the Sudetenland. The Czech president, Benes, was forced to go into exile
  • South Africa and Australia neutrality

    Chameberlain was told that the South African and Australian governments would not give military support if war broke out.
  • Litvinov proposal

    Litvinov proposal
    The Soviet Foreign Minister, Lirvinov, outlined the basis for a treaty to France and Britain. This would have involved all three promising to defend the existing borders of the states of Eastern Europe form German attack.
  • British, French and Soviet military leaders met in Leningrad

    The Soviets asked the British and the French if they could esure a right passage for Soviet troops through Polish and Romanian territory. They said no. Soviet generals were exasperated by this.
  • Letter from Hitler to Stalin

    Hitler wrote a personal letter to Stalin offering high level talks in Moscow.
  • The Nazi-Soviet pact

    The Nazi-Soviet pact
    Ribbentrop, German Foreign Minister arrived Moscow with full power to negotiate and sign a non-agression treaty. Stalin was particularly interesed in the "secret protocol", in which the Soviet Union was offered control of Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarrus and Ukraine.
  • Germany invaded Poland

    Germany invaded Poland
    The Second World War began. Britain and France pledged to defend Poland.
  • British and French declare war on Germany

    British and French declare war on Germany
    The French and the British governments declared war on Germany. They could do very little to stop a German victory in Poland, by the end of this month Polish resistance had collapsed.
  • Soviet forces took control of part of eastern Poland

    Soviet forces took control of part of eastern Poland
    Soviet forces crossed the Polish frontier and took eastern Poland. This was part of the deal that Hitler made with Stalin. He also moved troops into the Baltic states of Latvia. Lithuania and Estonia.
  • Period: to

    Phoney war

    Hitler was planing the attack on France. British and the French tried to weaken Germany by stopping German trade in the sea, They tried to cut off the supply of iron from Scandinavia. So France. Britain and Germany have a little fight.
  • Period: to

    The fall of France

    Hitler struck west, Belgium, The Netherlands and France were invaded and defeated by German forces and a British army was forced to leave the continent.
  • Mussolini joined forces with Hitler

    Mussolini thought the war was coming to an end, so he joined forces with Hitler so to get some rewards.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Britain

    The German airforce, the Luftwaffe, set out to win control of the air over Britain. This was the first stage of the invasion plan. German planes bombed military sites, factories, and London. The British airforce, the RAF. fought back and controlled the situation and force Hitler to put off his plans over Britain
  • Hitler invades the Soviet Union

    Hitler invades the Soviet Union
    Germany invaded the Soviet Union in an operation known as Barbarossa. They penetrated inside The Soviet Union capturing jet cities.
  • Japan attacked the naval base of Pearl Harbour

    Japan attacked the naval base of Pearl Harbour
    This led The Usa into the war. TheUsa joined forces with Britain, in order to defeat Japan, Germany and Italy. The Americans made the difference and was the determining factor or defeating Germany, Italy and Japan.
  • Battle of MIdway

    Battle of MIdway
    The Usa army stopped the Japanese one in Midway Atoll. (paciffic ocean)
  • Germany attack Urss, again

    Hitler joined his army in the south and tried to get the southern city of Stalingrad.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Battle of Stalingrad
    The Soviet forces launched a counter attack in November and The German army was surounded. The batle of Stalingrad was a crucial event. It proved thet the Red Army could beat the German army. After Stalingrad Germany was on the defensive and the war began against Hitler.
  • Battle of Alamein

    Battle of Alamein
    The Germans were defeated by the British army in the Battle of Alamein. By may 1943 the Germans and Italians had been completely driven out north of Africa.
  • British and Americans landed in Italy

    The British and the American forces landed to Italy in 1943. The Germans, gave resistance in order to keep the British out of Italy.
  • D day

    D day
    The Americans invade Normandi, France (conquered by the nazis) and reached Paris by August. This batler is remember as one of the most "bloody" ones.
  • Germans abandoned Leningrad

    Germans abandoned Leningrad
    The Germans abandoned Leningrad. By the summer of 1944 the Germans were in Retreat across the Soviet Union
  • Germans attack Belgium

    Hitler attack the Ardenes, Belgium. The German attack was finally turned back.
  • Germany collapsed

    Germany collapsed
    German power collapsed. The Soviets captured Berlin and Hilter comitted suicide
  • Mussolini was killed

    Mussolini was killed
    He was captured and killed by anti-fascist fighters.
  • Germany surrender

    Germany surrender
    THitler comitt suicide so the Germans finaly surrendered, but the war continued for Usa against Japan that offered a huge resistance.
  • Atomic bobms of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Atomic bobms of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    For the Usa, trying to invade the Japanese islands through water would significate a huge lose of soldiers. They had developed a new weapon, the atomic bomb. In august 1945 two atomic bombs were dropped in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Japans surrenders

    Japans surrenders
    After the two bombs, Japan was devastated and forced to surrender, and the Second World War ended.