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Europe 1933-1945

  • Period: to

    Europe 1933-1045

  • Hitler is named chancellor

    Hitler is named chancellor
    The president Paul von Hindenburg named Hitler as chancellor.
  • The reichstag burns

    The reichstag burns
    The reichsatag is burned by the nezis to have the total control of Germany.
  • The enabling law

    The enabling law
    The reichstag gives total powers to Htler.
  • Japan and China

    Japan and China
    In 1933 Japan got out of the League of Nations and invaded China.
  • Jews persecution

    Jews persecution
    The nazis start the persecution of the jews destroying their business.
  • The League of Nations

    The League of Nations
    Here Hitler made the first violition of the treaty of Versailles.
  • The night of the long knights

    The night of the long knights
    This night Hitler send to kill the officers of the SA because they were not being loyal to him. Then he created the SS, the new storm troops of Germany.
  • the death of Hindenburg

    the death of Hindenburg
    Von Hindenburg died and Hitler proclamed der Führer of Germany.
  • The work

    The work
    Is installed the 8 hours workday.
  • Spain

    Franco is named Emperor of Spain.
  • Italy starts invading

    Italy starts invading
    Italy invades Abisinia.
  • Olimpic winter games

    Olimpic winter games
    The olimpic games are inugurated in Germany.
  • The gestapo

    The gestapo
    The gestapo was another storm troop that Hitler had.
  • The invation of the Ruhr

    The invation of the Ruhr
    Germany invaded the demilitarized zones and the western powers did nothing because they were re-arming, then Chamberlain proposed the appeasement and their excuse was that all in all it was german territory. Hitler accepted that if the french army had shooted, the german troops would had to retired.
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact

    Nazi-Soviet Pact
    Hitler and Stalin made a non-agrecion agreement.
  • Germany-Japan

    They made an agreement anti-comunism.
  • Great Britain

    Great Britain
    Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain.
  • Anschluss

    There was a nazi party in Austria but it wasn´t as powerful as in Germany. Hitler wanted to anexate Austria to the therd raich, but the Austrian president (Schuschnigg) didn´t want to, so they ment and made a plebiscite where only people older than 30 years could vote because he knew that Hitler had many young people that followed him. The result of the plebiscite was that there was no anexation, but Hitler didn´t matter the public opinion and rigged the elections. Invation to Austria.
  • Invation of the Sudetenland

    Invation of the Sudetenland
    There was a Munich conference between Germany, Italy, Great Britain and France were they agreed that Germany was not going to attack more.
  • Appeasement

    Chamberlain made a policy thet established, in other terms, that Hitler would do all what he wants.
  • Night of Broken Glass

    Night of Broken Glass
    The SA and the Gestapo destroyed some jew´s locals.
  • Hungary

    Hungary joins to Germany, Italy, Soviet Union and Japan.
  • Italy

    Mussolini invaded Albania.
  • The fascism

    The fascism
    Hitler and Mussolini allys.
  • Invation of Czeckoslovakia

    Invation of Czeckoslovakia
    Chamberlain here said stop! And declared war on Germany.
  • Germany-Denmark

    Germany and Denmark made a non-agrecion pact.
  • Soviet Union

    Soviet Union
    Stalin broke the relationships with the western powers.
  • Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

    Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
    Hitler and Stalin distributed Oriental Europeby this pact.
  • Invation of Poland

    Invation of Poland
    Here the war started and finished in 1945.
  • War!

    Great Britain and France declared the war on Germany.
  • USA

    Rooselvelt was neutral and could sold army to the participants of the war.
  • Weserübung

    Hitler odered the invation of Norway and Denmak.
  • Daladier

    Daladier was not enough the president and assumes Paul Reynaud.
  • Invation of Norway abd Denmark

    Invation of Norway abd Denmark
    German trops invaded Norway abd Denmark.
  • Invation of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

    Invation of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
    German troops invaded this countries.
  • France

    Paris is bombed by 300 german warplanes.
  • Invacion of France

    Invacion of France
    France is invaded from land.
  • Germany

    Berlin is bombed by the frnchs.
  • Invacion of Africa

    Invacion of Africa
    Hitler send Rommel to conquered Egypt and he conquered almost the north of Africa.
  • Invacion of Greece and Yugoslavia

    Invacion of Greece and Yugoslavia
    Hitker send his troops to conquered this lands and it was succesful.
  • Invacion of the Soviet Union

    Invacion of the Soviet Union
    Hitler violated the pact and attacked Stalin. This battle was one of the most bloody in the war.
  • Invacion of USA

    Invacion of USA
    Japan invaded the military base in Pearl Harbor and destroyed a little bit of the naval fleet.
  • Victory of USA

    Victory of USA
    The american navy destroyed the one of Japan in the battle of Midway. Six of their best battleships were sunken.
  • Recovery of Africa

    Recovery of Africa
    The britain troops recovered Africa in the battle of El Alamein.
  • Invacion of Russia

    Invacion of Russia
    The german army retrayed to conquer Russia, but they were defeted in the battle of Stalingrado.
  • The Tehran Conference

    The Tehran Conference
    It was an agreement that was between Stalin, Churchill and Rooselvelt.
  • The Luftwaffe

    The Luftwaffe
    This is a troop of warplanes of the german army. On this date, they attacked to London, Great Britain.
  • The error

    The error
    The city Schaffhausen of Switzerland was bombed by mistake.
  • Invacion of Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia

    Invacion of Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia
    The Soviet Union invaded this countries to reconquered their territory and more.
  • Counterattack Anglo-Franco-American

    Counterattack Anglo-Franco-American
    The allies reconquered France.
  • The fall of Mussolini

    The fall of Mussolini
    Here Mussolini´s period finshed. After this he was ejecuted with his son.
  • The end

    The end
    Here Germany surrenders totaly and the war finished. After that Germany was divided between Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union and Italy.
  • The atomic bomb

    The atomic bomb
    Hiroshima recieved an atomic bomb that came from USA.
  • The socond bomb

    The socond bomb
    Here USA threw an atomic bomb to Nagasaki.