Europe 1930-1950

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    European Timeline

  • Suspends civil rights

    Suspends civil rights
    Violation of article (2) freedom of speach,press,and assembly
  • Removing jews

    Removing jews
    No music ,no art, no liturature violation of article (2)
  • Health

    Violation of article(21) jewish physicians only allowed to see jewish patients.
  • Jews barred from practicing law

    Jews barred from practicing law
    violation of article 23
  • Passports marked with J

    Passports marked with J
    Violation of article 13
  • Expelled jewish children from school

    Expelled jewish children from school
    Violation of article 26
  • Curfew

    Violation of article 2and1 Hitler announces curfew for jews 8:00
  • Telephone

    the confiscating of phones fron jews violation of article 17
  • Art

  • Anne Frank

    Anne Frank
    Anne Frnak is well known because of her diary. It was first published as a book in dutch in 1947 since then millions of people have read the thoughts and hopes of one young girl and have been inspired by them
  • Hitler

    he tried to Exterminate a whole population
  • Joseph Mengele

    Joseph Mengele
    Infamous Surgeon who was known for his crazy experiments on the jews that were in the concentration camps
  • Art

  • Quote--Adolf Hitler

    Quote--Adolf Hitler
    Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is sensless and useless.
  • Quote from holocaust survivor-Elie Wiesel

    i marel at the resilience of the jewish people. Their best characteristic is there desire to remember. no other people has such an obsession with memory.
  • Quote from Holocaust survivor -- Elie Wiesel

    Quote from Holocaust survivor -- Elie Wiesel
    "I decided to devote my life to telling the story because I felt that having survived, I owe something to the dead and anyone who does not remember betrays them again."