• Italian Occupation

    Italian Occupation
    Italy occupation begins
  • Italian Occupation

    Italian Occupation
    Italian Occupation ends
  • Empereor Halie

    Empereor Halie
    Emperor Haile Selassie, dethroned and was the last of the monarchs
  • State Institution

    State Institution
    began the process of reconstituting state institutions.
  • National Democratic Revolution

    National Democratic Revolution
    The Program for the National Democratic Revolution is formed
  • COPWE is formed

    COPWE is formed
    Mengistu announced the creation of the Commission to Organize the Party of the Workers of Ethiopia (COPWE).
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    a 30-year civil war between the government and rebel forces aligned with Eritrean nationalists ended with the government's downfall.
  • Eritrea becomes Independent

    Eritrea becomes Independent
    Eritrea became independent
  • Health Care

    Health Care
    204 out 1000 children under the age of five died
  • Border War

    Border War
    A 1998-2000 border war with Eritrea
  • 1970

    There were many droughts which ruined crops.