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Escape The Fate

  • Radio Contest

    Radio Contest
    In September there was a radio contest that the band Escape The Fate won. This got their name out there and their music heard!
  • Deput

    Escape The Fate announces the release of two new songs that were later put on a full length album. This allowed people to hear their bands sounds and see what they do.
  • Album

    Escape The Fate releases their first album "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion". This proved to their fans they are a real band! This got their name reputation and some cash as well.
  • Jail

    The lead singer of Escape The Fate went to jail for drug use and battery. This made the band loose a few fans and gained a few different fans due to their new singer. The sound of their music also changed with their new singer.
  • Rock Band

    Rock Band
    Rock Band released some of Escape The Fate's songs on their market. This allowed people that play that game to test out their music and see if they like it, in term gaining them fans and money.
  • Tour

    Escape The Fate went on their first tour, they toured in Europe. This Gained fans from across the nation.
  • Rehab

    Escape The Fate gave up their position in a three country tour because bass player Max Green admitted to going through rehab. The lost some of their fans due to resent events with their former lead singer being kicked out for the same reasons. This also lost them fame and money.
  • Label

    Escape The Fate left their old label, Epital, and signed onto a new labeling company named Interscope. This changed the sound of their music and may have gained or lost them fans.
  • Drugs

    Max Green tweeted that he would no longer be playing for Escape The Fate, he did not say why though. It was later found out that it was probably due to his addiction to drugs. This may have gained fans for the band due to them getting rid of a drug addict, but may also have lost them fans because of the new sound.
  • Label

    Escape The Fate left Interscape to sign with Eleven Seven Music due to creative differences and sound control. This could gain them fans by changing the sound of their music back to what they use to do, but could also loose some of their fans if they liked the new sound.