Erikson Timeline PSY A150

Timeline created by ellieboudreaux
  • Initiative vs. Guilt

    Initiative vs. Guilt
    At age 4, Lilith tries to make a meal for herself. She attempts to open the fridge and accidentally knocks off a glass. Her mother comes into the room and scolds Lilith for trying to be independent. Lilith feels guilty. This is Erikson's 3rd stage, the "initiative vs. guilt" stage. In this stage, children feel they should act independently and try to complete tasks by themselves. When a child is shamed or disciplined for trying to act alone, this causes "guilt"
  • Identity vs. Role Confusion

    Identity vs. Role Confusion
    At age 17, Lilith's parents and friends are heterosexual. With confusion and a need to fit in, Lilith proclaims she is heterosexual and dates strictly men. She's not sure.
    This is Erikson's 5th stage,"identity vs. confusion." Erikson believes this stage consists of a teenager trying out different things in order to figure out their own identity and to fit in. This can either help one fit in or make one confused as to what their identity is. Identity crisis is possible.
  • Intimacy vs. Isolation

    Intimacy vs. Isolation
    At age 22, Lilith settles down and marries the love of her life, even though she knew she would have to move to a state where she knew no one. She is confident in her decision. This is Erikson's 6th stage, "Intimacy vs. Isolation". This stage is categorized as the stage where a person decides to commit and make sacrifices for relationships or where they DON'T do so and feel isolated and scandalous.