Erikson Timeline

Timeline created by mbjohnson11
  • Erikson Timeline Example 1

    Ashley is six months old and cannot communicate with words yet. This requires her to cry when she's hungry, sad, tired, or hurt. Ashley's mother has learned to decipher her cries as far as what she needs or what is wrong and decides that she is hungry so she makes her a bottle and Ashley finishes it and is no longer crying. Ashley is experiencing Trust vs. Mistrust, she relies on her mother for everything she needs and trusts her to provide it.
  • Erikson Timeline Example 2

    Ashley is a three year old who's parents are trying to teach her responsibility. Ashley is asked to dress herself, clean her own messes, and carry her own plates and drinks to the table at dinner time. Ashley is experiencing Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt, she is learning to be independent and have responsibilities of her own which is moving her out of her toddler stage and into her "big kid" stage.
  • Erikson Timeline Example 3

    Ashley married Drew after deciding she wanted to spend her life with him. Ashley had not dealt with her "daddy issues" and after a while realized that she could not be in a relationship with anyone much less a marriage until she dealt with her underlying psychological issues. Ashley was dealing with Intimacy vs. Isolation, she had unresolved issues from her childhood affecting herself and her relationship.