Erikson’s Stages of Development

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  • Industry Vs. Inferiority

    When I was 11 years old I was presented the Presidential Award in front of all of my peers and family. This award was given to me because I had excelled in all subjects academically. This is a part of the industry vs. inferiority stage where we focus on coping with the new social and academic demands in life. Success in this stage allows us to move forward feeling competent where as failing to resolve this stage can leave us feeling inferior, damaging our sense of self needed for the next stage.
  • Identity Vs. Identity Confusion

    I moved to WA when I was 16 years old, starting my whole life over in a new place with no friends and shattering my fragile sense of self. This is identity vs. identity confusion stage of life. If I had resolved this stage then I would have felt strong in who I was and what I believe in, but I had failed which lead to a lot of confusion and a very weak sense of self, making it hard to feel confident in my self and worthy of intimate relationships needed to resolve the next step.
  • Intimacy Vs. Isolation

    I married my husband when I was 23 years old during the intimacy vs. isolation stage of life. This stage is about young adults need to form intimate relationships with other people. If we successfully resolve this stage then we create a strong sense of what healthy relationships are and create loving and nurturing environments for ourselves, where is we fail to resolve then we could end up isolating ourselves, unable to move on to the next stage of making children and making legacies.