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Erik Erikson's Stage Theory of Psychosocial Developement Applied to Lexi During Christmas

  • Infancy (birth to 1)

    Infancy (birth to 1)
    During the infancy stage (birth to 1), Lexi learns wether or not she can trust her strange family from holding her during holiday festives. TRUST VS. MISTRUST
  • Period: to

    Lexi: Erikson Atages Applied to Christmas Celebration

  • Toddlerhood (1-2)

    Toddlerhood (1-2)
    During the toddlerhood stage (1-2), Lexi attempts to make decisions for herself by telling her mom "No" to putting on her christmas dress. AUTONOMY VS. SHAME AND DOUBT
  • Preschooler (3-5)

    Preschooler (3-5)
    During the preschooler stage (3-5), Lexi takes an initiative instead of feeling guilty for wondering and tries to learn why her new Christmas barbie has to wear clothing. INITIATIVE VS. GUILT
  • Elementary School (6-Puberty)

    Elementary School (6-Puberty)
    During the elementary school stage (6-Puberty), Lexi applys her self in hopes of making the best holiday cookie or she will feel inferior. COMPETENCE VS. INFERITORITY
  • Adolescence (teen yrs. into 20s)

    Adolescence (teen yrs. into 20s)
    During the adolescence stage (teen yrs. into 20s), Lexi tries out a new role with permed hair and a petter pan collar dress for the holidays. She also wonders if it her role to go help with the holiday dinner.
  • Young Adulthood (20s - Early 40s)

    Young Adulthood (20s - Early 40s)
    During the young adulthood stage (20s - early 40s), Lexi struggles to compromise and go to her girlfriend's parent's home for christmas versus her own. INTIMACY VS. ISOLATION
  • Middle Adulthood

    Middle Adulthood
    During the middle adulthood stage (40s-60s), Lexi struggles to come to terms that her life is half over and so are her Christmases. GENERATIVITY VS. STAGNATION
  • Late Adulthood (late 60s - up)

    Late Adulthood (late 60s - up)
    During the late adult stage (late 60s-up), Lexi, in the Christmas spirtit, evaluates her life and family accomplisments and deciedes she is happy. INTERGITY VS. DESPAIR