Lana (Psychosocial Theory) Timeline

Timeline created by emilysaeteurn
  • Lana (Age 1) Has Absent Caregivers

    Lana (Age 1) Has Absent Caregivers
    In Erickson's first stage, trust vs. mistrust, an infant develops either a sense of security where s/he trusts their environment when interactions are filled with care & affection or since the child is neglected at infancy s/he lacks trust & becomes wary of the environment & people. Lana had a single mom that constantly worked. Her grandmother watched her but usually left her in the play pin alone or crib while she had company over. Lana's needs of dependence from her caregivers were not met.
  • Lana (Age 17) Builds A Sense of Self

    Lana (Age 17) Builds A Sense of Self
    In Erickson's stage of adolescence, identity vs. role confusion, an individual tries out a variety of personas to discover more about her or himself more in-depth which can lead to loyalty of one's character, however, if s/he lacks intrapersonal intelligence s/he will have an unstable self-concept. Lana thrived in school and found a passion in caring for animals. She hopes to become a veterinarian. She's eager to go to college since she sees how much her family struggles because they didn't go.
  • Lana (Age 29) Fails At Intimate Relationships

    Lana (Age 29) Fails At Intimate Relationships
    In Erickson's young adulthood stage, intimacy vs. isolation, 19 to 40 y/o adults need to find others they can mutually be vulnerable, open, and empathetic with to feel wanted and loved. However if they can't, they do not value shared intimate relationships. At Lana's current age, she continues to distance herself from others and has trouble building close relationships. She has felt very unloved and unwanted in her beginning adult life. At the moment she continues to be secluded and feel lonely.