Environmental timeline

  • Bernardo Rampazzini

    father of occupational medicine made the second book in 1713
  • industrial revolution

    changes in agriculture manufacturing mining ans transportation
    spread throughout the world
  • Thomas Malthus

    known for theories
    english scholar
  • General Motors

    Ethyl corp was formed by GE
    Emplots 202,000 people today
  • Civillian Conservation corps

    work relief progream for people who are unable or unemployed
    because of the great depression
  • WWII

    Majority of world nations
    100 million people searing in a military unit
  • Agricultural Revolution

    biggest concern- shortage of farmworkers
    expected to produce goods for all of the US and alied countries
  • Tragedy of commons

    own self intrests was a pro and pasture is slightly degraded is a con
  • rainbow warrier

    Sunk by french
    aquired by greenpeace in 1978
  • CHernobyl

    much of western ussr and some of Europe
    worst in history
  • Exxon Valdez

    size of the spill: 120,000 meters cubed
    54th largest in history
  • persian gulf war

    us troops engaged: 2,183,000
    ended by a cease fire
  • Chinas Three gorges

    consists of 60 food high wall
    Running 1.3 miles
  • An Inconvenient truth

    to inform about global warming
    and awareness of climate change
  • BP Gulf

    Largest accidntal marine oil spill killed 11 men
  • Navy Sonar

    Allowing the navy to use sonar on cali cost for training
    might harm whales