Enviromental monitoring

  • Theory

    In this double lesson i wrote up and prepared my prac reports and presentation of assignment. All that is now needed is the recored information added to the reports.
  • Dirt collection

    Dirt collection
    In the afterschool hours I went and collected my dirt samples from Lake Connewarre.
  • Contacted Land Care

    Contacted Land Care
    On this day, i contacted a member of Land Care who i could conduct my interview with.
  • Testing of dirt pH levels

    Testing of dirt pH levels
    In this single period i tested dirt samples A, B and C. I recieved successful and clear results, of which i then made notes of the recorded information.
  • Water levels in soil

    Water levels in soil
    In this double lesson i measured out 50g of each soil sample. I then left these samples to cook on a hot plate for half an hour, after doing so i remeasured the weight of the soil and recorded my results.