English - Secondary Characters

By KClay37
  • Period: to

    Secondary Character - Janine

  • One day after

    At this point, Janine has returned home. She plans on visiting Trot's grave today. She is very sad because now at home she is back at home with no friends and no boyfriend either. She plans on visiting Cecelina and thanking her for the amazing trip.
  • One week after

    It has been an eventful week. Henry has visited, they went out to dinner together and discussed what they were going to do with their lives. Today, Janine spent the da trying to find a place who would accept her so she could study.
  • One month after

    It has been a slow but happy month. After a few weeks of studying, Janine has found that the routine of brain sucking study routine suites her, but she still can't wait until she finishes. So far, she isn't having time to plan for anything or make time for anyone.
  • One year after

    It has been an intresting year, Janine decides. she & Henry have been officaly dating for six months now, and Janine is beginning to start to enjoy life again - she is recovering from Trot's death. Her studying is almost over - six more months, and she will be able to get a job.
  • Ten years after

    Janine has changed a lot in these ten, long years. She is now a mother of two, staying home with her beautiful daugther and young, handsome son. Henry, now a Dad, is out working most of the time, but spends at least three days a week with his wife, Janine, and his two children. Janine worked for three years after she got her degree, but once Henry & Janine got married and the children came, she decided it was time to settle down.