My sister

Timeline created by emilyyesc
  • Birth

    Gisela was born on March 24th, 1994 in Mexico city.
  • Childhood

    She studied in Santacruz school since she was 4 until she was 15.
    Most of the time she was with her grandmother. She was always a happy kid.
  • Childhood

    Gisela's sister was born on December 23rd, 2003. Gisela loved and cared her very much.
    She always played with her and her cousins.
    Later in 2006 Gisela's third and last brother was born.
  • Adolescence

    She grew up and began studying high school at CCH Vallejo. Gisela was always very smart, a good daughter and a good sister
  • Carrer and job

    Carrer and job
    Gisela finished high school and entered to C.U to study accounting in FCA.
    At the same time she was studying, she started working, first as a waitress and then in things related to her career.
  • Graduated girl

    Graduated girl
    Gisela finished her career and decided to live in another country to improve her English, become independent and have new experiences.
  • New life

    New life
    Gisela moved to Los Angeles and then to her favorite city: New York.
    She studied, worked and saved money to achieve her next goals.
  • Goals

    Gisela saved money and travelled around Europe with her friend, achieving another of her goals
  • Now

    Currently Gisela lives in New York, studying, working and being an excellent person.
    I love to visit my sister and spend time with her when we have the chance.