Covid-19 and the Spanish-flu

  • The Spanish Flu and Covid-19

    The Spanish-Flu and covid-19 share many similarities and differences. The Spanish-Flu occurred about a year after the start of World War I which had begun in April of 1917 and the Spanish-Flu in April of 1918 and the virus lasting until around 1920. During this time frame the virus spread quickly claiming the lives of many, especially those living in close proximity such as the soldiers fighting in the war.
  • The Spanish Flu and Covid-19 continued....

    While the government implemented mandates such as masks, isolation and the closure of schools and restaurants it still didn’t seem to be enough to stop the spread of the virus. However, events such as these were commonly seen in many local newspapers across the United States. However, a few months later in September of 1918 a second and even larger wave of the Spanish-Flu struck the United States. This time, emerging from a United States Army training camp near Boston.
  • The Spanish Flu and Covid-19 Continued p2

    Sadly, the second wave of the virus claimed many more lives than the first. Shortly following the start of the second wave a shortage of nurses began as they were being deployed to help those in the military. The Spanish-Flu went down in history as one of the worst Pandemics, until Covid-19 struck in early 2020. While Covid-19 began towards the end of 2019, it was not discovered in the United States until January of 2020. Soon following the World Health Center declared a global health emergency.
  • The start of the Spanish Flu

    The start of the Spanish Flu
    The Spanish Flu first began in February of 1918 and spread quickly claiming many lives. America had to make changes in order to slow down the spread.
  • Masks and the Spanish Flu

    Masks and the Spanish Flu
    While mask mandates were left up to each state and even in some cases to individual cities, many people wore masks to help stop the spread of the flu. Those who did not wear masks were shamed by those who did.
  • Start of Covid-19 In the United States

    Start of Covid-19 In the United States
    Covid-19 spread quickly in the Unites States and claimed many lives early. Many Americans panicked and bought up many common hoosegows supplies from stores in fear of a shutdown.
  • Masks and Covid-19

    Masks and Covid-19
    When Covid-19 first started Americans were urged to not wear masks, as it took away supplies from the front line workers. However, as more research was conducted scientist believed masks could slow the spread of the virus.
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