End Of The Republic

By antol
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    The Generals

    The first Rome's general was Gaius Marius. He was the first lower class rome that become a consul. He wanted to make all of the people could be a soldier.
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    The reformers

    Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus was the first reformer. He wanted to limit the land that people could had, so that poor people could have have them. But when he started to become more and more powerful, senators killed him. His brother continued his work but also at the end he was killed.
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    Decline of The empire

    When Rom started to grow they started to ask for taxes. They employed publicans, to collect taxes. But when farmed because of the taxes started to become poorer, they started to be in trouble. Because the business people, prefered to be richer and richer that helping the poor, so the gap beetwen the poor and rich started to become bigger and bigger. At the end protest started to come.
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    Roman Expansion

    By 146, Rome controled all of the mediteranean world (all of the Europle, middle east, and north africa).
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    3 Punic War

    In 146 BC, Carthage started to gaining power. So to make end to Carthage. Rome's attacked Carthage and killed of the citizens, they throwed salt on their crop, that nothing would grow.
  • 218

    2 Punic War

    In 218 BC, Hannbal attacked Rome, with an army of elephants, his soldiers and him went throw the Alps. But then he stoped at the doors of Rome. Then Rome defended them by killing of his soldiers and their crops.
  • 264

    1 Punic War

    On 264 BC, the first punic war started, when Rome wanted Carthage's granaries, but Carthage refused. So Rome attacked them.
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    The Government

    440 BC, the government included two consuls (administrators and military leaders). They had the power to say 'no' to other acts of other poeple.
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    End Of The Republic

    After Caesar's death, 3 persons divided the empire into three part. Mark Anthony took charge of the East, Ocativian took charge of the West, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus took charhe of north Africa. This plan worked for a while but then came fights. Howewer, Mark Anthony still was the winner. And became ruler of Rome.
  • 509

    The start of the republic

    In 509 BC the Roman Republic was set up.