Empresario Time Line

  • San Felipe

    San Felipe
    Stephen F, Austin (Empresario) (Mexican/US) of families: 100-200 Location/Problems: located along the Brazos River, TX, located in Austin County,
    This site had several advantages: sat high on bluff - good for defense, river provided for great water source.
  • Little Colony

    Little Colony
    Stephen F, Austin (Empresario) and Tejano leaders Jose Miguel de Arciniega, Gaspar Flores de Abrego, Jose Antonio Saucedo & Erasmo of families: 100 Location/Problems: East of Colorado River, north of Old San Antonio road and East of Colorado River. One problem was it was near Comanche hunting grounds and they suffered attacks.
  • Gonzales

    American Indians attack Green Dewitt and James Kerr of families: 400 Location/Problems: Located along the Guadalupe River. On the Gulf Coast Plain and the Post Oak Belt. A problem was the American Indian attacks.
  • San Patricio

    San Patricio
    John McMullen and James McGloin (Irishmen) of families: 200 - It was slow growing (84 land titles by 1835) Location/Problems: Along the Nueces R. to west of Refugio.
    Problem was the cholera epidemic that swept through settlement.
  • Refugio

    James power and James Heweston were the leaders. of families: 200 Location/Problems: North of the Nueces River ,along the Gulf Coast. Located on the site of an old mission. Cholera affected this area too.
  • Linnville

    John J. Linn (Irishman)
    Families: 300
    Location/Problems: Located along Garcitas Creek in lush coastal plains. Northeast of Port Lavaca. Problem was the American Indian attacks.
  • Victoria

    Martin de Leon of families: 300 Location/Problems: located along the lower Guadulupe River.
    Mainly Mexicans and few Irish, Tejano & US Settlers - this caused numerous clashes among people.