Empire Processing Assignment

  • Start of the face off

    This face off that lasts six days before the battle begins. Charles Martel and the Muslims square off before the charge that starts the battle.
  • Start of the battle

    The battle kicked off with the Muslims charging an elite unit of cavalry into spears, and surprisingly, the spears held up, even though it was conscript army. The cavalry broke through the lines but the infantry held firm making the horses take heavy losses.
  • The retreat of the Muslim army

    The reason this battle became a fulll scale retreat was because of the order to return to camp. The order was misinterpritied as a retreat signal and as the Muslims retreated, the Caliph told his men to turn around and fight, and in the confusion, he was killed.
  • Caliph Abd-er Rahman Dies

    This man fell trying to rally his troops after retreat started. The order wass misinterprited by a full scale retreat. Soon afterwards the Caliph fell.
  • The Battle is Won

    The conscript army won the battle after killing Abd-er Rahman and chasing off the army. Later on, Charles was given the name "Martel" which means hammer. Also, Chales Martel's grandson, Charlamange, becomes emperor of a large Christian Empire. He becomes one of the most powerful Christian Rulers.
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