Empire Lexington

  • Blake Lexington Born

  • Star Co. formed in Elementary

  • Graduated High school

  • HappyLand Toy Co. is founded

    Daniel and Heidi's toy idea, birth of the company to help them sell
  • Gross Reciepts $38.5 Million

  • Gross Receipts $42.5 Million

  • Gross Receipts $47 Million

  • **Headquarters Established - $5 million

  • Gross Receipts $32 Million

  • Financial problems at HappyLand

    No new toys released
  • Lexington first hears of Princess Beads idea

  • Princess Beads are top priority

  • 1,5-Pentandiol is discovered for beads

  • Meeting presenting new chemical; also 2 bead shapes

  • Board is Unhappy with Lexington's performance

    due to financial problems; thinking of Replacing Lexington!
  • Problems with Pentandiol: choking hazard

  • Butandiol is found to replace prentandiol

  • Trouble with manufacturing process

  • Butandiol is settled upon as final chemical

  • First Box of Princess Beads shipped out

  • July alone: 100,000 boxes sell for $20 ($20,000,000)

  • Phone call from "Andy Davis"

  • Call from Emerson Zimmer brings new of safety reports/ P.B.

  • Recall issued for Princess Beads

  • Case is Tried