Empire Brown

  • *Joined Happyland as project leader

    (Line 11)
  • *Thought up idea for Princess Beads

    was a make-your-own-jewelry set (Line 29-30)
  • Went to talk to Bily Hennessy about Princess Beads

    Wanted him to fix the serface area issue and how to get the Beads to stick when wet and stay stuck when dry (Line 46, 49-52)
  • *Went to see Billy again to check on progress

    Was told the Princess Beads had been put on the back burner (Line 53-55)
  • *Kept bringing up Beads in the weekly project meetings

    to March (Line 57-58)
  • *Debated about striking out on my own and creating Beads

    (Line 63-64)
  • Lesington had greenlighted the Princess Beads

    (Line 63-64)
  • Lexington told me to take all the time I needed

    (Line 71-74)
  • Lexington urged Billy to make a breakthrough in just 3 days

    The breakthrough was needed in the chemicals (Line 87-89)
  • 1, 5-pentanediol was discovered

    (Line 90-94)
  • Billy solved the surface area problem

    There would be two sizes both rings and pearls (Line 95-103)
  • Spoke with Lexington

    About the Princess Beads progress (Line 112-113)
  • Met with a friend visiting from Norway

    Turned off cell phone so as not to be bothered (Line 114-115)
  • Lexington left a voicemail asking about progress of Princess Beads

    Was from around 5:15 p.m. (Lines 116-119)
  • E-mailed Lexington with a status update

    1, 5-pentanediol was causing Beads to swell, proposed using 1, 4-butanediol (Line 122-131)
  • Swift gave the ok on 1, 4-butanediol

    Finalized the switch from 1, 5-pentanediol to 1, 4-butanediol (Line 140-141, 148)
  • Chemical testing took place

    Found out that denatonium was the best chemical to get children to not put the Beads int their mouths (Line 220)
  • Flavor testing

    Tested 25 diffrent flovers for the Beads to make them unattractive to kids. they had 10 two-year olds in a room for 30 min. Coated Beads and toys with the diffrent chemicals and observed their reactions. (Line 194-201)
  • *Started advertising the Princess Beads

    (Line 149)
  • Beads were being sold to familys

    All over Midlands and throughout the country (Line 153-154)
  • *Sold 100,000 boxes of Princess Beads

    To 90,000 families (Line 161-162)
  • Recieved a call from Lexington

    Was on vacation at the time, was told they were investagating the Princess Beads (Line 169-172)