Emperor Mutsuhito: The Man Who Brought Japan to a New Age

  • The Begining

    In Kyoto Japan, Mutsuhito is born. Born into royalty, he has to eventually become Emperor. So far the heir, he is the son if the cureent emeperor, Komei. (Britannica)
  • Political Disturbance

    Mutsuhito is declared the crown prince. Along with the rise of the shogunate, he is nothing but a mere trophy put on display. The Shogun has had Japan in their hands for over 400 years. (Britannica)
  • Continetal Warfare (WORLD)

    The Civil War breaks out in America. A war against the ownership of slaves, the confederacy, and the fate of this new superpower. Ending in 1865, it led to the North and the South having a bitter relationship, with eachother.
    (Miller, 359-365)
  • Art (WORLD)

    Impressionism gains increasing popularity in France. First art show in 1872, it was revolutuionary. Nothing were just portraits of important people in the past, it now became portaits of ordinary things, people, and buildings.
  • Presidency (WORLD)

    Abraham LIncoln is assassinated. Killed in a theater by John Wilkes Buthe,an actor. A great loss to America at that time.
  • Declaration

    At the age 14, Mutsuhito becomes the new emperor. With the death of his father, he takes the throne in his place. With the shogunate gaining ever increasing power, he promises to change that.
  • Change

    THe cahrter of five oath principles is signed. The first step of Japan's westernization. The start of the Meiji restoration.
  • Transition

    The coronation ceremony crowns him as emperor. Along with that, he gets married as well. Offically declared, he now pursues change in his country.
  • The Meiji Restoration

    The feudal land system is finally abolished. Along with that, a new education system is set up, mocking those of the west. Japan is now getting representation.
  • Communication (WORLD)

    The telephone is invented. Invented by Alexander Grahm Bell, it was revolutionary. Evolving over time, it has become a staple in household items.
  • The Game Changed (WORLD)

    The game Bingo is invented. Originating from the Italian lottery game, 'tumbula'. To this day, still widely played.
  • Political Changes

    A new legislative system is introduced. Known as the cabinet system, it copied many European legislatures and laws. Around that time, a constitution is also written. It became known as the Meiji Constitution.
  • New Set Up

    Japan's newest legislature, the Diet, is put into play. It copied those of both America and Great Britain. It was one of the last steps towards Westernization in Japan.
  • New Policies

    The Russo-Japanese war is won by the Japanese. Along with that, Japan finally ened its time of isolation. After 200 years, it's finally opened its doors to new countries for trade, business, and enterprise.
  • New Ideas on Space-Time

    Albert Einstein develops the theory of relativity. Making a huge impact on astronomy, we now understand black holes more. It lead to many other discoveries and research.
  • Death

    Mustsuhito dies. He died in Tokyo, most likely of diabetes and uremia. But his legacy lives on. To this day, Japan's culture is strongly influenced by the west. The Meiji Restoration was a success.