Emmett till

Emmett Till's Murder

  • Emmett & Wheeler head to Mississippi

    Emmett Till and his cousin Wheeler Parker leave Chicago headed to Money, Mississippi.
  • MIlam & Bryant are acquitted of the charges after the jury deliberates for only 67 minutes.

  • Emmett & Friends visit Bryants Grocery & Meat Market

    Emmett joins a group of teenagers to go to Bryant's Grocery and Meat Market for refreshments to cool off after a long day of picking cotton in the hot sun. Bryant's Grocery, owned by a white couple, Roy and Carolyn Bryant, sells supplies and candy to a primarily black clientele of sharecroppers and their children. Emmett goes into the store to buy bubble gum. Some of the kids outside the store will later say they heard Emmett whistle at Carolyn Bryant.
  • Emmett TIll was abducted

    J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant abducted Till from his great uncle's home.
  • J.W. Milam & Roy Bryant are found

    J. W. Milam and Roy Bryant are arrested on kidnapping charges in LeFlore County.
  • Till's body was found

    Three days after he was abducted a fisherman found his body in the river.
  • Milam & Bryant are ordered to be "fully prosecuted"

    Mississippi Governor Hugh White orders local officials to "fully prosecute" Milam and Bryant in the Till case.
  • Emmett's mother sees his body

    Mamie Bradley, Emmett's mother, sees his mangled body for the first time.
  • Emmet's mother recieves his casket

    In Chicago, Mamie Till arrives at the Illinois Central Terminal to receive Emmett's casket. She is surrounded by family and photographers who snap her photo collapsing in grief at the sight of the casket
  • Emmett Till's Funeral

    Emmett Till's body is taken to Chicago's Roberts Temple Church of God for viewing and funeral services. Emmett's mother decides to have an open casket funeral.
  • Emmett Till is buried at Burr Oak Cemetery

  • Milam & Bryant are indicted and plead Innocent

    They are held in jail until the start of the trial.
  • Jet Magazine publishes images of Emmett's body

  • The Chicago Defender publishes images of Emmett's corpse.

  • Roy & J.W. are put on trial

    Roy Bryant & J.W. Milam are put on trial in a segregated courthouse in Sumner, Mississippi.
  • Moses Wright accuses the two white men in court

    Moses Wright accuses the two white men in court
    Moses Wright, Emmett's great uncle, testifies against Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam.
  • Bryant & Milam are found innocent

    Roy Bryant & J.W. Milam are found innocent by the al white jury.
  • Milam and Bryant are released on bond. Kidnapping charges are pending

  • The American Jewish Committee releases a report ugring Congrss to bolster Federal civil rights legislation...

    ... in light of the Till case. Their report includes quotes from newspapers in six European countries expressing shock and outrage after the Till verdict.
  • Milam & Bryant are found not guilty for their kidnapping charges.

  • Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat.

    Just 100 days after the trial of Bryant & Milam, Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white person.