Emma smith devoe

Emma Smith DeVoe and Woman's Suffrage

  • Emma Smith Devoe is inspired to support women's suffrage

    Emma Smith DeVoe is inspired to support women's suffrage at the age of eight.
  • Susan B. Anthony gives speech

    Susan B. Anthony, women's rights advocate, gives a speech in favor of equal rights for women.
  • Women's Rights struggle in Washington

    Women continue to fight for rights in Washington
  • Emma Smith DeVoe Named President of WA Equal Suffrage Association.

    Emma Smith DeVoe is appointed president of the Washington Equal Suffrage Association after moving to Tacoma with her husband in 1909.
  • National Suffrage Convention

    In 1909, the National Suggrage Association holds its annual convention in Seattle.
  • Suffrage Train

    In 1909, Emma Smith DeVoe organized a “Suffrage Special” train, with suffragists giving speeches from the rear platform along the route
  • Women Granted Suffrage in WA

    Women's suffrage is legalized in Washington, thanks to the hard work of Emma DeVoe.
  • Emma Smith DeVoe dies

    Emma Smith DeVoe dies in Tacoma Washington on September 3, 1927, at age 79. The Tacoma News Tribune calls her the "Mother of Woman's Suffrage".