• Birth of eminem

    He was born on october 17 1972. his real name was marshall bruce mathers 3rd, but his stage name is eminem. he was born in u.s st joseph missouri and he grew up in Detroit.
  • Eminem starts singing

    Eminem starts singing
    When Eminem got inspired by the beastie boys. so he began performing in amateure shows at the age of 14. he likes singing rap music. and he is also an actor.
  • start career

    he started his career in 1992 as a rapper of hiphop
  • 1st album

    Eminems first album came out in the year 2000, his album was called the marshall mathers LP. The top 2 songs were stan and the real slim shady. it helped him win a grammy award for the 1st artist to win best rap album.
  • 2nd album

    2nd album
    Eminems 2nd album came out in march 2002 and it was hardcore hiphop and 2 songs were superman and cleanin out my closet