• Birth

  • Manix & M&M

    Eminem's Rap Group was called Mnix & M&M (sooner changed to Eminem) at the age of 14
  • 2nd Place

    2nd Place
    Eminem placed 2nd in a freestyle competition at the Rap Olympics in L.A. , lost to Rapper : Juice.
  • Eminem Emerged

    Eminem Emerged
    Eminem Emerged as Dr. Dre's protege. He became one of the most contreversial rappers.
  • First Major Album

    First Major Album
    Eminem released The Slim Shady LP. It was his first album produced by a major abum.
  • 8 Mile

    8 Mile
    Eminem starred in a movie about his life.
  • Artist of the Decade

    Artist of the Decade
    Emmiem was named the artist of the decade by Billboard.
  • Grammys

    Eminem won back-to-back grammys for 2009's Relapse, and 2010's Recovery.