Emily's Fortune by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

  • Emily's background

    eight year old Emily is an orphan because her mother died in a carriage accident and her father died in a steamboat accident.
  • Emily takes off

    family friends sends Emily to the train station, and the train will take her to a place that has a carriage that will take her to Redbud. normally it will take five days and five nights just to get to Redbud where her aunt is
  • Bad News Good News

    Emily found a newspaper that had her name in it, and since Emily's mother is dead, she is inheriting the money now. Emily is worth ten million dollars if she is found. Jackson says that good and bad people will both look for you.
  • The Cutting

    So Jackson is protecting Emily by cutting her hair short, and letting her borrow Jackson's clothes so people wouldn't recognize her.
  • Uncle Victor

    At the boarding house, Jackson and Emily were relaxing, until Emily saw Uncle Victor and she didn't like him at all. Uncle Victor is asking people where his poor niece was and is lying about sharing the money with Emily when really, he is trying to keep it for himself.
  • On the Move

    Jackson and Emily try to get on the carriage early in the morning to be there before her uncle, but it turned out that Uncle Victor was just on time to catch the carriage.Uncle Victor was asking questions at the dinner table, and was staring at Emily and asking questions about their parents.
  • Fever

    When they were at the creek, Jackson got wet and got sick with the fever and acually said Emily's name in front of her uncle. then Uncle Victor became more suspicious.
  • Big trouble

    When the bandit arrived at Emily to rob her, he changed his mind because he didn't want her turtle. Now Uncle Victor knew who she really was now.
  • Victor's treat

    Uncle Victor threatened to tell everyone that this was her runaway niece.
  • The Sneak Out

    Jackson had a plan that Emily would get off the carriage at midnight and to leave everything but her turtle behind, and he will cover Emily's stuff with his jacket to make sure that both of them were asleep. At their stop, Emily gets off, but Jackson continues on to Redbud.
  • Not Again

    After a couple of days at the way station, she travels again to Redbud, but when she arrived, Uncle Victor was there, and Emily got caught again. When Victor and Emily got off th carriage, the Chinese workers heard what Victor was saying, so they tripped Victor and Emily ran off.
  • Surprise

    When Emily was running away from Victor, she saw Jackson, aunt Hilda, and her neighbors who were a lawyer, a judge, and a sheriff.
  • The Heros

    The neighbors convinced Victor to leave and to go back to where he came from. Aunt Hilda also said that Jackson can live with them and Emily. So they all went home and they all livedhappily ever after.