Emily Outsiders timeline (reading)

  • Johnny get jummped by soc

    Johnny get jummped by soc
    Johnny get attacked by Bob.
  • meeting soc

    meeting soc
    Pony, Johnny, Two-Bit are walking with Marcia and Cherry when the soc pulls up in a car and leaves taking the girls with them.
  • Death

    The soc come after Pony and Johnny and Johnny kills Bob because he was drowing Pony.
  • The Great Escape

    The Great Escape
    Johnny and Pony go to Dally and Dally tells them where to go.
  • Go home

    Go home
    Johnny and Pony decide to go home.
  • Church on fire

    Church on fire
    The church gose up in flames with kids inside and Jhonny and Pony save them. Johnny gets hurt badly.
  • Johnny's Death

    Johnny's Death
    After the rumble at the hospital Johnny dies after telling Ponyboy to "Stay Gold".
  • The Rumble

    The Rumble
    There is a big rumble in a lot where Pony gets hurt.
  • Dally meets the end

    Dally meets the end
    Dally is so depressed over Johnny that he sets in self up to be killed. All of the death and blood loss makes Pony very depressed.
  • The Hearing

    The Hearing
    Pony has been scared of being put ing boys home since he, Dally and Johnny returned home. The hearing gave him the opportunity to stay with Darry and Sodapop