Emily Dicknson

  • Birth

    She was born in Amherst massachasetts. was born into a small cramped house.
  • Period: to

    Emily Dicknson's Life

  • Moved into a new house

    in 1839 (when she was 9 years old) she moved into a new house a few blocks from her existing one. This new house was close to lots of her family.
  • Collage

    She went to collage at Mount Holyake Female Seminary School. she went for a deegre in classic writing.
  • A New dog

    On may 20 1853 she got a new dog named carlo
  • She isolated herself

    Sometime after she finished collage she became depressed and shy. So she locked her self away in her house only comunicating with close freinds and select family members.
  • Beginings of writing

    She started writing.
  • Strange writings to "Master"

    Her mysterious writings to a person titled master. Hundrets of love letters where recovered.
  • Somene published her writing

    Whithout her knowing about it
  • Death

    she died
  • Fun fact

    Emily dicknson had a portrate of elizabet barrett browring in her room
  • (2008)Emily Dicknson award

    2008 is when this happend