Email Policy Plan TImeline

  • Email Policy Implementation Plan

  • Period: to

    Get final approval on language for announcement to faculty and staff

    Work with VPAA and Jane Smith to nail down language of the announcement to staff and faculty.
  • Touch base with Marketing to get overall update on materials

    Check on materials for give-a-ways
  • Meet with VPAA about new email policy

    Academic Affairs Administration to meet to discuss announcing the student email policy to faculty at the October 21st In-Service, communicating policy to divisions and subdivisions and helping in overall communication in January in-service as well
  • Finalize Student Messaging

    Get final information to announce to students finalized.
  • Announcement at October In-Service

    Annonce to facluty and staff via announcement and email blast. Additional information in the green sheet and President's corner
  • Period: to

    Begin Student Notification Period

    Start to Notify Students of the new policy. Events, Plasmas, etc.
  • Partner with Student Life to get info on Popcorn Bags.

  • November ramp up of messaging

    November events to be laid out. Communication Calendar - Facebook, twitter, Chap App, Blackboard...
  • Start of Policy officially

    Add Messaging to NSO, Student information through Admissions and such.
  • Announce Policy again at Spring Semester In Service

  • Start of Classes for Spring

    Full messaging for Start of School