Elliott Prussia & Austria

  • Mar 7, 1500

    Don Juan of Austria defeats Turkish fleet off fleet of Lepanto

  • Period: to

    German engineer who invented the first air pump (Guericke, Otto)

  • Period: to

    German mathematician Athanasius Kircher makes first projection latheren (laterna magica)

  • England joins Austro-Russian alliance of June 1746 against Prussia

  • Austrian Neatherlands declare independence as Belguim

  • German inventor Senefelder invents lithography

  • First German opems between Furth and Nuremburg

  • Christian F. Schobein discovers and names ozone

  • F.W. Bessel makes the first parallax measurement of a fixed star

  • C.J . Doppler describes the effect of velocity on sound and light waves (Doppler effect)

  • Helmholtz: 'On the Conversation of Energy'

  • Rudolf Clasius states the 2nd law of thermodynamics

  • Neanderthal skull found near Dusseldorf, Germany

  • Element Germium discovered

  • German physicist who was the first to broadcast and receive radio waves

  • Special Theory of Relativity

  • Alzheimer identifies new brain disorder

  • First freeways

  • Finds evidence of first nuclear fission

  • M.H Klaproth German Chemist discovers uranium