Elizabeth cady stanton

Elizabeth Stanton

  • Birth

    Elizabeth Stanton was born in Johnstown, New York, on Noveember 12,1815.
  • death in the family

    in 1826 Elizabeth brother dies. To stop her fathers grieving, she trys to be a replacement of her brother and trys to become like a boy.
  • education

    Elizabeth graduates from Troy Female Seminary.
  • Married

    In 1840 Elizabeth married an abolitionist named Henry Stanton. At their wedding ceremony she insisted that she would not give the wife's promise to "obey" her husband. She also vowed that she would not take the named Henry Stanton and came out with her maiden name, Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
  • womens convention

    In 1848 she starts the first women's rights convention n Seneca Falls. With only 4 women present she was still able to write and present their Declaration of Rights and Sentiments.
  • Women rights amendment

    After Susan B. Anthony death, the 19th amendment allowed women to vote. Over 8 million women was able to vote for the first time. While women could vote, it changed alittle of women lives.