Elizabeth Jane Cochran Seaman (Nellie Bly)

  • Birth

    On May 5, 1864, Elizabeth Jane Cochran is born.
  • Period: to

    Nellie Bly's lifespan

  • Father

    Michael Cochran dies.
  • Elizabeth's Mother *

    Elizabeth's mother, Mary Jane, married an abusive man named John Ford. She later divorced him.
  • The Family Moves*

    Finally, Mary Jane moves the family out of Cochran Mills because of financial disaster. They moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • The "Little Orphan Girl" *

    Elizabeth reads the article, "What Girls are Good for." Cochran wrote an angry letter to them and signed it "Little Orphan Girl."
  • "The Puzzle Girl" *

    "The Puzzle Girl" is the first article Nellie ever wrote.
  • Nellie*

    She finally got her pen name, Nellie Bly.
  • Job*

    Nellie gets a job at The New York World.
  • Ten Days in a Madhouse*

    Ten Days in a Madhouse*
    Her book is published and causes reform in attitudes towards the insane.
  • Around the World

    Around the World
    Nellie Bly leaves and travels the world in seventy-two days.
  • Resigns*

    Nellie Bly resigns from The New York World.
  • Coming Back*

    After much persuasion, Nellie Bly came back to The New York World.
  • Robert Seaman*

    Nellie Bly marries a wealthy steel industrialist named Robert Seaman. He was 70, and she was 30.
  • Nellie Quits*

    Nellie finally gave up on The New York World.
  • Widowed

    Robert Seaman dies and leaves the business to Nellie.
  • Industry Fails*

    Because of financial problems, Seaman's business was shut down.
  • Death

    Nellie Bly dies of pneumonia. Until her death, she wrote for the New York Evening Journal.