Elements leading to the Revelution of independence.

  • French and indian war

    in this event the colonist wanted to like in the ohio river valley. the british wanted to live onthis land but, they were not alloswed.
  • threaty of paris

    this established that Britain claimed all the land east of the missisippi river. the colonist were out raged they began to rebeial and settle in the ohio river valley. the british purpose was to gain more money.
  • proclamation of 1763

    the british didnt want the colonist setteling west of the Applanchies.
    the British was trying to keep the settlers away.
    this got the colonist mad becuase they didnt want to pay.
  • Sugar Act

    The british began putting taxes on sugar and malasses.
    this was intended to make more money for the British goverment.
    but the colonist rebelled and didnt by any of thier products to protest againt the sugar act.
  • stamp act

    the stamp act was when the british put taxes on all l;egal documents. this was also intended to make money for the goverment. the colonies reacted by organizing a boycott.
  • townshed act

    thew british pretty much said that the colonies were not allowed to hold town mettings anymore. the colonist reacted by unifing
  • Give Me liberty speech

    this famous speech was created by Patrick Henery. This lead to the common sense, all 13 colonies were involved in this speech.
  • Battle of Lexington and Coed,

    the first shot of the revolution was shot here. this event envolved the french and britian. this also lead to the Bunkner hill war.
  • Bunker Hill

    this was also a war against the loyalist and the patriots. a famous saying is "dont shoot untill you see the whites of thier eyes. involved the britian and french.
  • Decleration of independence.

    john loke and thomas jefferson both came up with the decleration of independence. the 10 amenmentts were established.
    this envolved the french, britian and indianand almost every one.
  • Common Sense

    this was when all the colonist relized that the goverment should depend on the people. this was thier break up letter. they had a right to have say.
  • common sence

    comon scence was a article that Thomas Paine wrote. This awakend the colonist and wanted to separet from britain.
    Thomas Pain, britian, the indians, and the french were all involved. this lead to the Decloration of independence.