• 600 BCE

    Talete of Miletus

    Talete of Miletus
    Discovers that a piece of amber, when rubbed with fur, can pick up pieces of straw.
  • William Gilbert

    William Gilbert
    Notices that some materials can display the attractive properties of amber and not only straw can be attracted.
  • Thomas Browne

    Thomas Browne
    Coins the word "electricity".
  • Charles Du Fay

    Charles Du Fay
    Distinguishes two groups of electrics.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin
    Invents the battery, understands electricity like a fluid and coins the terms "positively and negatively charged".
  • Lightning rod is invented

    Lightning rod is invented
  • Electrolysis is discovered

    Electrolysis is discovered
  • Ohm's law

    Ohm's law
  • Maxwell's equations

    Maxwell's equations
  • Light bulb is invented

    Light bulb is invented
  • J. J. Thomson

    J. J. Thomson
    Discovers that electrical fluid is made up of particles and that electrons flow in the opposite diraction to what Franklin supposed.