5957617 electron particula cargada electricidad sobre un fondo oscuro

Electric energy

By Pau926
  • Jun 26, 600

    600 a.C. First observation of electric energy

    600 a.C. First observation of electric energy
    If Thales hadn't observed the rubbing an ambar dipstick with a skin or wool, he wouldn't known that it can produce little charges that can bring little objects, and rubbing for a long time, can appear a spark.
  • Electrolysis

    If William Nicholson did hadn't worked on the batterys in his laboratory, he wouldn't discovered the electrolysis accidentally, and it did hadn't allowed a discovered of chemical elements
  • Periodic table of chemical elements

    Periodic table of chemical elements
    If Dimitri Mendeleiev hadn't created the periodic table of chemical elements, we don't could understood the nature and the differents chemical reactions, and maybe we couldn't have knowledge about nuclear process
  • X rays

    X rays
    If Röntgen hadn't analysed the electrons, he wouldn't discovered the X rays on his laboratory.
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    If the nuclear bomb hadn't been invented, USA wouldn't attacked to Japan, and the people hadn't genetics problems
  • atomic bomb

    atomic bomb
    If we hadn't knowledge about chemical elements like Uranio or Plutonio, Leo Szilard couldn't invent the atomic bomb.
  • nuclear reactors

    nuclear reactors
    If we hadn't knowledge about nuclear process, the nuclear reactors wouldn't been created and its use never had been popular for energy production
  • DNA analysis

    DNA analysis
    If Rosaline Franklin hadn't used the ray x difraction, she wouldn't gound out the DNA structure.
  • DNA structure

    DNA structure
    If Maurice Wilkins hadn't given to Crick and Watson the Rosaline Franklin work, they hadn't discovered the DNA
  • Chernobyl disaster

    Chernobyl disaster
    If nuclear reactors hadn't been invented, the nuclear accident in chernobyl wouldn't had occurred and the people around chernobyl reactor hadn't had genetic problems.
  • human genome

    human genome
    If the DNA hadn't been structured, the human genome wouldn't been discovered by Department of Energy`s Office of Science and National Institutes of Health of the USA