Eleanor' life timeline

  • birth

    Eleanor was born in 2002 in Australia
  • start kinder

    start kinder
    Eleanor started kinder
  • start school

    start school
    Eleanor started school
  • start grade 1

    start grade 1
    Eleanor started grade 1
  • start grade 2

    start grade 2
    Eleanor started grade 2
  • like Cheryl Cole

    like Cheryl Cole
    Eleanor started to like Cheryl Cole
  • Period: to


    end karate
  • start Karate

    start Karate
    Eleanor started karate Eleanor's Karate club logo
  • start grade3

    start grade3
    Eleanor started grade 3
  • Start Choir

    Start Choir
    The girl is Eleanor's teacher when she was learning at agc
    her name is Miss Gabrialla Roso, Eleanor calls her Miss Roso