Eisenhower & Cold War

  • House of Un-American Activities

    House of Un-American Activities
    This was created to hunt the Nazis at first but eventually ended up being the hunt for communist. This involved the U.s and of course the Nazi's and Communist. It took place searching in the U.S.This began in
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

    Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
    This was to covert operations to stop communism.This took place in the U.s but most of the time the U.s would send the CIA to the Middle East and Latin America because they were trying to over come Anti-American governments.This was important to stop communism because the cold war was a battle of comm and capt.' ism.
  • Alger Hiss

    Alger Hiss
    Alger Hiss was a government official. His reputation was ruined when it was announced he was a communist spy.This was important during the time period because him being a spy for communist and the cold war was between com & cap.
  • McCarthyism

    McCarthyism was nade by Joseph McCarty. This was making claims that someone was communism. This was important during the time because they wanted to make sure they got the communist out of the US
  • Nikata Khrushchev

    Nikata Khrushchev
    He was the new USSR leader after Stalin died.He was the leader in Russia. This was important that he was leader in this time period because it was the heighth of the cold war,
  • The Second Red Scare

    The Second Red Scare
    This was because of the Korean War an the USSR sending Sputnik to space.This took place spreading across the United States.This was important during the time period because,it came to the smith act which allowed the government to assembly the party of communist.
  • Suez Crisis

    Suez Crisis
    The Suez Canal was to gain money needed to buil a dam. This involved the Nasser. This was important during the time becauseas a result of the Suez Crisis Great Britain and and sent troops to get control of the canal back.The setting of this was in Egypt
  • The Rosenbergs

    The Rosenbergs
    The Rosenbergs were a couple executed because they were charged with espionage.They were supposably giving information nto the soviets about the weapons. This was important during the time because the armsrace which was to see if the us or ussr could have better weapons.