eight revolutionary war event

By Remus12
  • Lexinton and Concord

    British went to the colonies to dystroy the malisha and the british did this to criple american forces. this is also the 1st revoultionary battle.
  • Battle of bunker hill

    small battle the colonist and the british fight the outcome is not good the british won this fight happend cause the colonist ocupied the british territory. when this fight happend the british lost 1,100 soliders and also captured boston
  • The battle of trenton

    the colonist thought that since its chritsmas the soldiers are gonna be having fun they were right they plan a sneek attack to push the soliders out of New Jersey this is the first battle the colonist win
  • Battle of princeton

    The colonist paln another sneack attack and try to continue to push the british our of new jersey the colonist finally won they capture the twon and the military supplies
  • Battle of saratoga

    The amricans lead by gates attack the british and also win this kept the south conncected with the NE this is a major victory fance allys with america.
  • Vally forge

    soliders are getting sick and dieing and starving cause british still has the suport of the major citys the soliders cant get anythign fromt hm to help them but some colonist survive the harsh bitter winter and they go on and win
  • battle of vincennes

    there were two battles in the battle of vencennes the first battle the british won the secoudn battle the colonist wonthey fought for the ohio river whoever wins will control the west (colonist won)
  • The battle of yorktown

    washington moved his soliders south to trap the british they both wanted conrtol over the charlston river this is the last battle for independence colonist won the war.