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Egyptian Riots of 2011

  • Egyptians call for Uprising on the "Day of Rage"

    Egyptians call for Uprising on the "Day of Rage"
    After a few hours of relative calm, police and demonstrators clash; police use tear gas and water cannons against protestors shouting "Down with Mubarak'' in Cairo's main Tahrir Square.
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  • Egyptian citizens fight back!

    Egyptian citizens fight back!
    A protester and a police man are killed in central Cairo as anti-government protestors pelt security forces with rocks and firebombs for a second day.
  • More fighting.

    More fighting.
    Protesters clash with police in Cairo neighbourhoods. Violence also erupts in the city of Suez while in the northern Sinai area of Sheikh Zuweid, several hundred bedouins and police exchange live gunfire, killing a 17-year-old.
  • After Friday prayers

    After Friday prayers
    Internet and mobile phone text message users in Egypt report major disruption to services as the country prepares for a new wave of protests after Friday prayers. Eleven civilians are killed in Suez and 170 injured. No deaths are reported in Cairo. At least 1,030 people get injured countrywide.
  • The Museum!

    The Museum!
    Egyptian soldiers secure Cairo's famed antiquities museum, protecting thousands of priceless artifacts, including the gold mask of King Tutankhamun, from looters.The greatest threat to the Egyptian Museum, which attracts millions of tourists a year, appears to come from the fire engulfing the ruling party headquarters next door the night before, set by anti-government protesters.
  • More and More

    More and More
    Thousands of protesters remain in Cairo's Tahrir Square.
    The crowds are cheering when ElBaradei tells protesters in the square,"What we started can never be pushed back".Turkey has announces that it is sending aircraft to evacuate its citizens, after the US embassy in Cairo has suggested all Americans currently in Egypt to consider leaving as soon as possible.
  • Mubarak wont quit.

    Mubarak wont quit.
    Mubarak still refuses to step down, protestors call for his resignation. Protesters continue to disobey the military-imposed curfew. About 250,000 people gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square and hundreds march through Alexandria.
  • Mubarak fixes problems.

    Mubarak fixes problems.
    Mubarak announces in a televised address that he will not run for re-election but refuses to step down from office - the central demand of the protesters.
  • We want him out now!

    We want him out now!
    Preparations begin for another day of demonstrations against President Mubarak's speech. The army is still deployed with tanks throughout different positions in and around Tahrir Square.

    Bursts of heavy gunfire early aimed at anti-government protestors in Tahrir Square, leave at least five people dead and several more wounded, according to reports from Cairo eleventh day of unrest and mass protestings.
  • ore Anti-government Protestors

    ore Anti-government Protestors
    Hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square for what they have called the "Day of Departure".Scores were injured in clashes between Mubarak supporters and pro-democracy protestersChants urging Mubarak to leave reverberate across the square, as the country enters its eleventh day of unrest and mass protestings.
  • Evacuation attempts.

    Evacuation attempts.
    Thousands who remain inside Tahrir Square fear an approaching attempt by the military to evacuate the square.The Egyptian health minister says 11 people have died, while the United Nations says 300 people may have been killed across the country since protests began. News agencies have counted more than 150 dead in morgues in Alexandria, Suez and Cairo.
  • Calming down

    The Muslim Brotherhood says in a statement that it "has decided to participate in a dialogue round in order to understand how serious the officials are in dealing with the demands of the people".Banks officially re-open for 3.5 hours, and traffic police are back on the streets in Cairo, in attempts to get the capital to start returning to normal.
  • Not going anywhere.

    Not going anywhere.
    Thousands are camping out in Tahrir Square, refusing to move. While banks have reopened, schools and the stock exhange remain closed.A symbolic funeral procession is held for journalist Ahmed Mahmoud, shot as he filmed the clashes between protesters and riot police from his Cairo office. Protesters are demanding an investigation into the cause of his death.
  • The tented city.

    The tented city.
    Protesters continue to gather at Tahrir Square, which now resembles a tented camp. Protesters in the capital also gather to protest outside parliament.The city sees possibly the biggest crowd of protestors, including Egyptians who have returned from abroad and other newcomers mobilised by the release of activist Wael Gho.
  • Concessions.

    Labor unions join protesters in the street, with some of them calling for Mubarak to step down while others simply call for better pay. Massive strikes start rolling throughout the country.
    Famous Arab pop star Tamer Hosni visits Tahrir Square, but protesters are unimpressed and angered. Hosni previously made statements telling the demonstrators to leave the square, saying that Mubarak had offered them concessions.
  • Staying in power.

    Staying in power.
    The newly appointed Culture Minister, Gaber Asfour, quits. His family says it's due to health reasons but Egypt's main daily newspaper al-Ahram says Asfour, who is also a writer, was criticised by his literary colleagues for taking the post. He was the only new face in the new cabinet.Protesters in Tahrir Square waved their shoes in dismay as Mubarak said he was staying in power.The Egyptian prime minister forms a committee that will gather evidence on "the illegitimate practices".
  • Down with Mubarak

    Down with Mubarak
    After tens of thousands people take to the streets across Egypt in angry protests, Hosni Mubarak resigns as president and hands over power to the army.The announcement is made by Omar Suleiman, the vice-president, just after 16:00 GMT.Earlier in the day, masses of protesters had descended on the state television building in Cairo and the presidential palace in Heliopolis, as well as in Tahrir Square
  • Celebration

    People celebrate in Tahrir Square until early morning. Pro-democracy protesters start to clean the square.The country's new military rulers promise to hand power to an elected, civilian government and pledged that Egypt will remain committed to all international treaties - in an apparent nod to its 1979 peace treaty with Israel.
  • The officers turn

    The officers turn
    Soldiers try to remove the remaining protesters in Tahrir Square and their tents are dismantled. Traffic flows through the square for the first time since the protests began.
    The cabinet spokesman says the cabinet, appointed when Mubarak was still in office, will not undergo a major reshuffle and will stay to oversee a political transformation in the coming months.About 2,000 policemen hold a protest outside the interior ministry, demanding better wages and trying to clear the bad reputation