Egnima machine

  • German Navy gets machine

    Arthur Scherbius offered Enigma Machine to the German Navy.
  • Navy starts using Enigma

    The Enigma machine began to be used by the german Navy which started to develope keys for their codes.
  • German signal detected

    Enciphered radio signals were detected by the Poles. Although they attempted to crack these codes, they were unsuccessful
  • Enigma Modified

    The Germans modified the version of their Enigma Machine to include a plugboard and introduced them to the german army.
  • Poland

    Late 1932 Polish Cryptanalyst Marian Rejewski recovers the entire machine wiring by mathematical analysis using a group of intercepts and machine settings for two months, September and October 1932, supplied by the French.
  • Air Force employs technology

    A radio comunication network began to be used in the Air Force to help with the war effort.
  • Difficulty Increased

    The number of possible pairs of letters going through the Enigma machine was increased.
  • Move to Bletchley

    The British moved all sections of intelligence to Bletchley Park.
  • New version introduced

    A new version of the Enigma machine that had 4 rotors instead of 3 was now used exclusivly for the U- baots. This caused more dificulty for the Ally codebreakers.
  • German Method switched

    The Germans changed the method of sending signals through the machine which caused problems in Bletchley.